AI for Health Equity

Tackling the underdiagnosis, undertreatment, and health inequities of chronic disease using AI & ML


America's Chronic Disease Epidemic


Chronic disease direct
annual impact on
the US economy


Rate of undiagnosed chronic conditions for vulnerable


More than one-third of annual costs are preventable by early detection


Patients with chronic conditions are undiagnosed today

Our Solution

AI for Proactive Intervention

Carenostics directly integrates clinical decision support models into provider EHRs to help clinicians identify high-risk chronic disease patients - enabling earlier intervention and preventative treatment for undertreated / underserved patients.

There are 3 core tenets to our approach:

Leverage real-time existing EHR data
Adjust for underlying biases in healthcare data
Integrate natively into provider workflows

Our Flagship product


Addressing gaps in care across the renal care continuum

Identify undiagnosed Stage 3+ CKD 

Project progression of CKD stages and
Recommend guideline and evidence-based therapy
Predict hospitalizations and cardio-renal complications

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